Where Commitment Meets Quality

At The Appliance Shop, we don’t just sell you an appliance. We offer an experience. Our commitment to our customers goes beyond the product. That’s why we proudly offer an industry-leading year warranty guarantee. We understand the hesitations that might come with purchasing used appliances, but with our guarantee, you can be assured of your […]

A Testament to Our Service

It’s not about being the biggest; it’s about being the best. The team at The Appliance Shop is honored and humbled to be rated the best in Edmonton for used appliances. This accolade isn’t just a rating; it’s a testament to our consistent efforts, superior quality, and unparalleled service. Our team comprises experts who are […]

Our Journey in Used Appliance Retail Business

Over the years, we’ve traversed the ever-evolving landscape of used appliance retail, and today, we proudly stand tall as Edmonton’s most trusted store in this sector. When we started, we had a simple goal: to provide quality used appliances to the residents of Edmonton. Fast forward to today, and we are not just selling appliances, […]